Course curriculum

    1. Practice Guide

    2. The anatomy of an oboe

    3. How to assemble and not break the oboe

    4. Where to put your fingers

    5. Oboe Reeds

    6. How you sit is important!

    7. Don't skip your warm-up!

    8. Warm up: Breathing Exercise

    9. Let's make sound!

    10. Warm-up: Crowing Exercise

    11. Learning new notes

    12. Playing songs by ear

    13. Cleaning and safely storing your oboe

    14. Practice Technique Spotlight: Intention

    15. Homework assignment

    1. Practice Guide for Lesson 2

    2. How to protect your instrument from other students

    3. Warm up: Breathing, Crowing

    4. How do you sound that good? Warm-up: NOTD

    5. It's scale time!

    6. Practice Technique: Interval Practice

    7. Articulation

    8. Homework assignment

    9. Play along: My Old Kentucky Home by S. Foster

    10. Play along: Theme from Minuet in G by J.S. Bach

    11. Play along: Theme from Sonata no. 12 by W.A. Mozart

    1. Practice Guide for Lesson 3

    2. How do you know if you need a new reed?

    3. Warm up: Breathing, Crowing, NOTD

    4. Warm up part 4: Scales as a warm up F and G major scales

    5. There are HOW MANY fingerings for F natural?! Eb major scale

    6. Extending your range higher with Bb major scale

    7. Practice technique spotlight: Puffing and Practicing Breaths In

    8. Homework and when to go on

    9. Play along: Minuet in G minor by J.S. Bach

    10. Play along: America the Beautiful by S.L. Ward and K.L. Bates

    1. Practice Guide for Lesson 4

    2. Starting this week, you should play in band class!

    3. Warm up: Breathing, Crowing, NOTD, Slow scales Bb and Eb major

    4. Alternate Eb and Ab and Db major scales

    5. Simplifying music: The Rifle Regiment March

    6. Practice technique spotlight: Chunking

    7. Homework and when to go on

    8. Recording: The Rifle Regiment March

    1. Practice Guide for Lesson 5

    2. What is that weird sound? Water in your keys!

    3. Warm-up: Breathing, Crowing, NOTD, Ab and Db major scales

    4. How to play with different dynamics

    5. C major scale - two octaves

    6. Extending your range even higher: D major scale - two octaves

    7. Practice Technique Spotlight: Dynamic Numbers

    8. Play along: La Cinquantaine by J. Gabriel-Marie at 112 bpm

    9. Play along: La Cinquantaine by J. Gabriel-Marie at 132 bpm

    10. Play along: Beautiful Dreamer by S. Foster at 138 bpm

    11. Play along: Beautiful Dreamer by S. Foster at 152 bpm

    12. Homework and when to go on

About this course

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Imagine if...

…you don’t have to do the district paperwork for a professional oboist to come teach your beginning oboe students. 

…you don’t have to find the budget for a clinician to teach oboe so you can have full instrumentation in the musical

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In Switching to Oboe I target the specific topics students need to learn when they’re switching to oboe from another instrument so you don’t have to.

  • Care of reed and instrument

  • Embouchure formation and troubleshooting

  • Practice habit development

  • Dynamics and intonation

  • How to simplify a hard band part until you've practiced it well enough to feel comfortable playing in class.

Your students get 8 private lessons in a convenient video format complete with play-along sections in the videos and a printable practice guide with tips, assignments, and music. You can give it to students to complete independently, you can work through it with students, or you can go through the course yourself to brush up on your oboe skills!